Free Guided Meditation by Aubrey Marcus

Skip the reading and go straight to the free guided meditation: go to the bottom of Aubrey’s blog post and sign up with your e-mail adress.

PREVIEW: it’s recommended to use headphones and closing your eyes.

We all instinctively know meditation is an incredible tool to manage your wellbeing. Science has done a great job proving that – it’s not some bunch of jibberish like “earthing” or “detoxing”. But why do so many of us never do it? I think one of the biggest obstacles is that most lack inspiration on how to meditate. They might think it’s boring just sitting down, closing your eyes and doing nothing for 15 minutes.

Meditation is so much more than just that though – there are as many ways of meditating as there are cooking recipes in your grandmothers head. But I’m not going to list “the 10 best ways to meditate”, a quick google search will help you on your way.

I will, however, share with you the best quality guided meditation I have ever found on the internet. To get it, go to Marcus Aubrey’s blog post, scroll down and sign up with your e-mail address. A download link will be in your inbox just seconds later.

For more amazing resources on how to improve your life, make sure to check out some of his other content as well.


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