23 Muscle Ups in 8 min AMRAP

I am nearing the end of a 6-week training cycle. This cycle has been all about getting back to a satisfactory level after having suffered from medial epicondylitis, which restricted me from doing any bent arm strength work for a little over half a year.

After only 5 weeks of getting back into bent arm strength work, I shattered my previous personal best in Muscle Ups.

Previous PB

  • 39 muscle ups in 20 minutes
  • 18 muscle ups in 8 minute deload session

New PB

  • 42 muscle ups in 20 minutes
  • 23 muscle ups in 8-minute deload session (recorded in the video above)

I am pretty satisfied with these results – though I am definitely not back at the same strength level I used to be. I am still weaker in other pulling and pushing patterns. How is that possible? Well, I think it has to do with the lifestyle changes I have made. I have started doing intermittent fasting and have drastically reduced my meat intake.

Give it a try and tell me how many you can do!

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