Pieter Shiffler

22712169_10213961699452875_1670836830026846783_oHello, my name is Pieter Shiffler and I am the person behind Movement Dojo. I teach movement classes inspired by parkour, acrobatics, hand balancing, dance, gymnastics and body maintenance.

I currently study with and work for The Bamboo Humans collective and I am currently studying circus at AFUK in Copenhagen.

I have been practising parkour and freerunning for almost 15 years, which has led me on a road of total obsession for movement. Strength, mobility, hand balancing and acrobatics are the base layer of my practice. In the second layer, I focus on different movement fields. The last two years my focus has been on climbing and right now I am focussing on dance and further exploring acrobatics.

A Broader Perspective

There lies great value in broadening our perspective. I believe we discard valuable and interesting lessons to be learnt when only focussing on one specific subject. My main interest is in exploring where different disciplines overlap and using that overlap to widen our movement vocabulary. A wider movement vocabulary allows for more creative expression of movement and improves our overall quality of movement.

However important widening our perspective might be, deep emergence in a certain field is very important if we want to develop any (higher level) skills. You will never catch a rabbit when you are chasing 10 at the same time.

What you see is what you get

I am currently working on a new video profile, but until then you can see me in action right here.

Working experience

Educational background