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The Benefits of Minimalistic Sleeping

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Michael Tetley’s “Instinctive sleeping and resting postures” promotes a minimalistic way of sleeping and resting, without the use of expensive soft mattresses or pillows for comfort. According to Michael, forest dwellers, nomads and animals suffer fewer musculoskeletal lesions than “civilised” people. A shift towards their resting habits could help us treat many musculoskeletal and joint problems. (more…)

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The Structure of the Human Foot (pt. 1)


In this series, I will be taking a closer look at our feet and how to keep them healthy and strong for your movement practice.

Our feet are our first direct connection to the earth. They are the first part of the structural chain that prevents you from collapsing (your skeleton). You could compare them to the foundations of a building – if they are unstable, the whole structure will be vulnerable. (more…)


Build Resilience Through Exposure to Hardship

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A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon an article that read “You May Be Strong … But Are You Tough?“. That’s when Khaled Allen, author of the Warrior Spirit blog, showed me the difference between strength and toughness. For years I had made no distinction between the two, somehow I thought they were the same thing. Whenever I’d meet a really strong person I’d think of them as some kind of demi-god that could do anything, but after reading Khaled’s article my perception started to change. (more…)